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Making a decision on which Dry Cleaner and Launderer to use; be sure to check out our Testimonials” Page. See what "active" Best Dry Cleaners FL customers have to say, written by their own hand, using their own words. Read “Sandy’s Story”.

CANCER & Head and Neck Cancer:

 I have put this page up as a stand alone in recognition of, and as a tribute to My Sister, Mary Lou Rossano-Collier's battle with and win over "cancer on the tonsils".
  It is also a tribute to our family lost to cancer:
Our Dad, Daniel A. Rossano
Our Grandfather, "Ciccio", Frank P Rossano Sr.
Our Uncle, Louis Rossano
Our Aunt, Amy Mc Laughlin
Our Uncle's, Joe and Charlie Mc Laughlin
Our Cousin, Linda Robinson
Friends that we have lost to cancer:
My kayak paddling buddy, Miriam Bennett from Sarasota, FL.

It is also
a tribute to those brave family members still fighting the battle of cancer including Our Cousin Louise Adams and our Cousin In Law, Linda's husband, Sam Robinson.

Maybe somewhere along the way we will be able to motivate lots of small and big businesses to have a "Cancer" page on  their web sites. Cancer does get into everyone's family and group of close friends.

Thoughts on Cancer Survivorship, Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery (This brochure was produced by my sister Mary Lou Rossano-Collier and is copyrighted): For reprints contact:


Recovery                          Thoughts on cancer survivorship, Diagnosis, Treatment & Recovery                       


Recovery                                 For reprints contact:                          Patient to Patient

                                                    Survivor to Survivor

           Cancer Survivors                      Diagnosis                                Treatment






We offer two options for surgical second opinions at Johns Hopkins – in person visits and remote opinions. Our unique remote second opinion service allows you to access select Johns Hopkins surgeons without spending time and money traveling here in person. After reviewing your medical records and diagnostic tests, our specialists will provide a written recommendation regarding your treatment plans or options based on the information provided by you or your current physician.


Johns Hopkins surgeons and surgical oncologists are known around the world for their particular expertise in diagnosing and treating cancers and other conditions.

More information





“Massachusetts General Hospital's world-renowned physicians offer second opinions and/or treatment options for patients around the world.”


“Massachusetts General Hospital's Second Opinion”


“How do I know if I need a second opinion?

When faced with a serious diagnosis or treatment, patients often seek a second opinion to research treatment options or reconfirm a diagnosis. Second opinions can be a good idea if you are having major surgery, if you are unsure whether your treatment plan is the only available option or if you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease such as cancer or heart disease.


Learn more about second opinions at Mass General

How do I talk to my primary doctor about getting a second opinion?

A variety of factors influences patients' health care decisions, and obtaining a second opinion – especially when a patient is facing a major illness or treatment program – has become standard medical practice.”


If you or your physician have questions about getting a second opinion at Mass General, contact the specific clinical department or multidisciplinary care center” -


MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL - offers second opinions -


“Getting Started
Ask your current physician to provide you with the name of a specialist who has experience in diagnosing and treating your illness, or ask to be referred to a Mass General physician. Patients and physicians also can request a second opinion with a Mass General physician through Partners Online Specialty Consultations, an online second-opinion service offered by Partners HealthCare.”

It's your life. Do it! Get a second opinion.

Head and Neck Cancer:



Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week                May 8th - 14th, 2011

Definition of head and neck cancer: Cancer that arises in the head or neck region (in the nasal cavity, sinuses, lips, mouth, salivary glands, throat, or larynx [voice box]).


The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance seeks to enable an organized and strategic alliance of all stakeholders to dramatically shift the stage of discovery of head and neck cancers through united and collaborative efforts in prevention, early detection and research.

About this community

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Support Community connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration. This community is sponsored by the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, an Inspire trusted partner.



Head and Neck Cancer Alliance
135 Rutledge Avenue
MSC 550
Charleston, SC 29425
Phone: (843) 792-6624
Fax: (843) 792-0546

For an overview of head and neck cancer, see Head and Neck Cancer: Questions and Answers.

See the online bookletsWhat You Need To Know About™ Oral Cancer and What You Need To Know About™ Cancer of the Larynx to learn about cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and questions to ask the doctor.

George Strickland DDS
The following is a response to my invitation to participate in Oral, Head & Neck Cancer week in 2012 from:
George Strickland DDS
657 South Tamiami Trail
Venice Fl 34285
Office (941) 488-7230
Cell (941) 320-7310
Skype george.stricklanddds
I also placed the following on my Facebook page titled, "geneatbest" and also on on my Facebook page titled, "Cancer Survivors World Wide". 
I appreciate your email on Oral cancer awareness week. For 20 years now I have participated in oral cancer events nationally and locally. My office will be signing up for this event. I have done several local news stories on oral cancer survivors and as well as promoting the latest in early oral cancer detection. We screen every patient, everyday through our hygiene program for no cost. We do offer the advanced oral cancer screening technology to our patients for the cost of the technology and not for profit. This is how much saving lives means to me. I appreciate your email. Sorry for the late response. Yours was a victim of email filters. Have a happy and joyous season.
George Strickland DDS
657 South Tamiami Trail
Venice Fl 34285
Office (941) 488-7230
Cell (941) 320-7310
Skype george.stricklanddds

US Department Of Health And Human Services

National Cancer Institute :

Head and Neck Cancer:

The following information was taken directly from the
Head and Neck Cancer Alliance Support Community Page with the permission of Itzhak Brook MD MSc.
The following is the Doctors info.
0 Recommendations

I am a physician who is also a neck breather because of throat cancer. Neck breathers are at increased risk of not receiving adequate respiratory care in the emergency room (ER) or by the emergency medical team personnel (EMT). I experienced this myself when I had respiratory problem and was given oxygen through a face mask. I have prepared a short slide presentation that explains how to recognize and treat neck breathers ( including laryngectomees) that can be downloaded (free) from this site: It is up to neck breathers to be proactive and present this information to their local EMT (fire stations)and ER personnel so that they provide neck breather with adequate life saving care. DrIBrook

Information about treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy
Laryngeal Cancer Treatment
[patient] [health professional]

Lip and Oral Cavity Cancer Treatment
[patient] [health professional]

Oropharyngeal Cancer Treatment
[patient] [health professional]

Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer with Occult Primary Treatment
[patient] [health professional]

Oral Complications of Chemotherapy and Head/Neck Radiation
[patient] [health professional]


Prevention, Genetics, Causes
Information related to genetics, risk factors, and prevention
Oral Cancer Prevention
[patient] [health professional]

Prevention and Cessation of Cigarette Smoking
[patient] [health professional]

Smoking Home Page

Smokeless Tobacco

HPV a Risk Factor for Oropharyngeal Cancer

Screening and Testing
Information about methods of cancer detection including new imaging technologies, tumor markers, and biopsy procedures

Oral Cancer Screening
[patient] [health professional]

Interpreting Laboratory Test Results

  Clinical Trials
Information and current news about clinical trials and trial-related data
Head and Neck Cancer Trial Results

How to Find a Cancer Treatment Trial

Search for Clinical Trials
Cancer Literature
Resources available from the PubMed database
Cancer Topic Searches: Head and Neck Cancers

Cancer Topic Searches: Endocrine Cancers

Cancer Literature in PubMed
Research and Related Information
Includes NCI-supported research, funding opportunities, and special reports
NCI Funded Research Portfolio

Head and Neck SPOREs
Information related to cancer incidence, mortality, and survival

Snapshot of Head and Neck Cancers

Finding Cancer Statistics

Understanding Cancer Statistics





Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE)


GRACE is a nonprofit organization that we developed out of a commitment to improve the care that cancer patients receive by teaching patients and their families about their cancer and the best treatments. We can conquer the fear of the unknown by providing expert answers to questions directly from cancer patients and their families. Even with good oncology training, a general cancer physician can’t be an expert in every type of cancer. We don’t intend to replace your doctors - instead, we are experts in our own specialized corner of oncology, and we spend much of our lives on a narrow focus of a particular cancer. Now you and everyone who needs it can have free access to the latest information from experts on a particular cancer or aspect of oncology care. In addition to information about different types of cancer, we’ll provide expertise on topics that cut across cancer types, like radiation oncology, oncology social work, and complementary medicine.

While there is other information on the internet, this isn’t a static site with vague recommendations written by committee. We haven’t found there to be any other source for constantly updated, interactive, and expert-mediated discussion of the details of cancer management.

What will you find here?

Helpful information is available in many forms. For each topic here, there is a site for recent posts that is regularly updated by the faculty, along with archives of prior posts arranged by date and subject. Members can also post comments and questions after each post. In the forum section for each topic, members can leave questions or comments that will be addressed by the faculty and potentially other members here. Each topic also includes subject specific list of Other Resources and Audio-Visual Content (developed as funding permits).

All of this information is searchable, allowing you to find information you require whenever you need it.

In addition, our site includes a chat room function, for which there are scheduled Q&A Events, or members can use it for communicating in real time.

We are starting from a core expertise in lung cancer, with additional information about the basics of cancer for the general public, oncology social work, and radiation oncology. We plan to broaden our educational offerings to other cancer topics as our support allows.

We also hope to add more features over time, as technology and financial support allows. We want to grow in order to continue to accommodate the needs of the cancer community. If you have an idea, please contact us.



Your click on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button helps fund free mammograms for women in need — low-income, inner-city and minority women whose awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is often limited. Your click is paid for by site sponsors, and mammogram funding is provided to clinics throughout the U.S. through the efforts of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Link To Us

Please feel free to link to us from your Website, blog, e-mail signature, company intranet or wiki. If you are on Facebook or My Space, keep reading to see how to become Friend or Fan. Together, we can spread the word on how to fund mammograms for more women in need with each and every click!

On The Breast Cancer Site, look for the Button "Click Here to Give it's FREE!

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

NBCF is committed to spreading knowledge and fostering hope in the fight against breast cancer. By funding free mammograms for women who could otherwise not afford them and supporting research programs in leading facilities across the country, NBCF helps inspire the courage needed to win this monumental battle. Be a part of the solution and discover how to help.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need. NBCF accomplishes this mission through various initiatives. NBCF programs provide women help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Ford - Warriors In Pink



Thanks to survivors and activists across America, has sold more than half a million pieces of Warrior wear and gear. This year, new styles and products are available to help spread the word about breast cancer awareness. You'll not only be showing your support, 100% of the net proceeds are donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The following are excerpts from:


Watchful waiting is underutilized for most men with prostate cancer


by John Schumann, MD




Most importantly, it’s important to understand that “cancer” is not one disease. This is perhaps the most commonly repeated media misconception

Cancer is a process, in which the genetically-programmed regulation of normal cells goes haywire and leads to unfettered replication. It can occur in many different cell types, in almost any of your body’s organs. As such, there are numerous cellular and molecular targets of potential medicines, so a claim that one thing can cure [all] cancer is ludicrous on its face.

It so happens that on the spectrum of cancers, prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring one in men. That said, its fatality rate, the rate at which death is caused by the cancer, is very low.

How low? Well, the five-year survival of diagnosed prostate cancer is one hundred percent. That means if you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer today, you’re essentially guaranteed to be around in five years. The ten-year survival is 91%. Not perfect, but not bad. I’d take those odds.