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Making a decision on which Dry Cleaner and Launderer to use; be sure to check out our Testimonials” Page. See what "active" Best Dry Cleaners FL customers have to say, written by their own hand, using their own words. Read “Sandy’s Story”.


A SPECIAL NOTE: If you or anyone that you know is currently unemployed or expects to become unemployed with a desire for re-employment, every time that you click on a business link anywhere on Best Dry Cleaners FL web site contact the Human Resources Department or Careers department of that business.
Best Dry Cleaners FL is helping you find the perfect new job.
Times are very tough and you must "think out of the box". Find a way to market your present skills to businesses in different industries. Fashion or style oriented businessess need all of the special skills employed at General Motors Corp. Instead of doing math for auto sales your doing math for garment sales.
Another place to look is the Medical Industry.
It too mirrors the skills needed in every other industry. A plus is that often times medical industry jobs are very localized. Scroll way down this page for valuable Medical Career Information.
Stay positive. Make a conscious effort every day, even if it's only one foray into the job market.
Good luck in your search.

Each FIT major can lead to many career possibilities and you may be drawn to more than one! If you can narrow them down into one of these broad categories, make sure to read about all the FIT majors you might want to explore.

Business Careers 
Fashion Careers
Visual Arts and Design Careers 

Read, FIT"S CAREER SPOTLIGHT'S ARTICLE, "Your Future in Fashion - How to Get Your Foot in the Door".
Your Future in Fashion - How to Get Your Foot in the Door
Did you know that the fashion industry generates $20 billion a year in revenue and is New York City's largest manufacturing industry?

The fashion industry is a fast-paced, increasingly complex world of creativity, design, business, and technology that many people find fascinating and alluring. Fashion is hot and cool, and as a growth industry, it is certain to provide many future career opportunities.

If you are contemplating pursuing a career in fashion, it is beneficial to follow industry trends by reading books and fashion magazines, visiting museums, exploring fashion-related web sites, and watching television to observe advertising. It is critical to understand the world around you and to be aware of cultural, economic, and political events, which all have an impact on the fashion industry.

The payoff for a fashion career can be glamour and excitement, but it can be a long hard road. Most people in the industry start at the bottom and pay their dues, and there are no guarantees of fame and fortune. It is a very competitive and demanding industry, and many careers in fashion can have long and tedious work hours. In order to be successful, you must have a passion for fashion-a real burning desire to work in the industry. For many successful people in this business, fashion is their life-they live it, breathe it, and think it constantly.

This industry values work experience and education, so try to get as much experience as possible in some area of the industry while you are in school. In fashion, it is often said that "what you know and who you know" can provide you with a golden career opportunity. If you know people in the industry, try to nurture and build relationships with them. Often, they will know other people in the industry and will recommend you for a job. This is known as networking. Statistics indicate that nearly seventy-five percent of all jobs are obtained through word-of-mouth and personal connections. Many seasoned professionals claim that networking is often the key to landing that special job.

Working at a flea market or as a sales associate for a retail store is a good way to get some initial experience. If you cannot obtain a position that pays, volunteering your time or doing an internship with a company that you would like to work for is another avenue to get your foot in the door. Often part-time jobs or internships can lead to permanent job opportunities.

When we think of the word "fashion" we usually imagine designing apparel and watching runway shows with super models. However, nearly every part of our lives is touched by the world of fashion, from photography to music to interior design. Fashion careers exist in the areas of art and design, as well as in business and technology. Opportunities in industry include the researching of raw materials and production of fabrics and notions, and the design and manufacturing of textiles and finished garments. The fashion world also includes the sale of merchandise to retailers who then sell to consumers; and equally as important, the marketing, promoting and advertising of products via magazines, newspapers, television, fashion runway shows, web sites, trade organizations, and forecasting services.

So, follow your dream. Speak with as many people in industry as possible and be prepared to work hard. Most importantly, be realistic and don't be discouraged. If you are passionate and love what you do, anything is possible!
We invite you to explore, learn, and spark your creativity through the MFIT Online Collection. Presented here are 350 of the more than 100,000 objects in the museum’s holdings of historic and contemporary fashion and textiles. You will find exquisite images, extensive object descriptions, and numerous designer biographies.


Editorial magazine on fashion, beauty, art

1996 one of the first online fashion magazines worldwide. The magazine publishes international multi-media content exclusively online.

Women Style 2010  
Fashionoffice's 'Women Style' is inspired by Goldfrapp's new videos 'Rocket' and 'Caravan Girl'. Fashion by Napapijri, Emporio Armani, Gant, Tkees; beauty by Marc Jacobs...



Internship with fashionoffice

fashionoffice offers students following internship

positions: journalism and market research

Online journalism or virtual market research use similar tools like print magazines or offline research. Students with skill

JOURNALISM (2 months)

You do>You have a natural talent for the beautiful things in life and studied the history of costumes, fashion theory, and fashion communication as well. You are educated about the responsibility of a journalist in influencing opinion and about the role of mass media in the construction of reality. For your work you plan to use your talent and your knowledge to collect and edit information your readers are searching for. Welcome to fashionoffice!

 You get>We will discuss with you proposals for your editorial work and you get the chance to measure the resonance of the readers to your articles in fashionoffice.

RESEARCH (one project, 2-6 months)

You do>You are aware that fashion trends are products of the interplay between producers and consumers. With your skills in market research (qualitative and quantitative studies, interpretation with SPSS) you can detect them "somewhere before the surprise of smell".

You get>We will offer you the opportunity to prove your market researcher qualities in fashionoffice. The theme, design of the study, field work, and the interpretation of the data will be worked out in collaboration with fashionoffice.


Send your curriculum vitae and a short description of the projects you plan to realize during intern with fashionoffice to All correspondence and your internship will happen online via email.

 About fashionoffice:

1996 one of the first online fashion magazines worldwide. The magazine publishes international multi-media content exclusively online. The visitors of fashionoffice are characterized by a strong, collective lifestyle beyond national and cultural borders Europe 41%; Asia 30%; America 25%; Oceania/Africa 4%

63,2% female, 36,8% male

The median age of the fashionoffice reader is 25,48 (beauty related sections 27,95):

<14: 2,691%

14-19: 27,680%

20-29: 44,683%

30-39: 13,907%

40-49: 7,716%

50>: 3,319%

Fashion Jobs:

The Art Institutes - Get Info on the Fashion Design Program.

School of Fashion Design - The School of Fashion Design was established in 1934 and is the only educational institution in Massachusetts dedicated exclusively to the study of fashion design.

Academy Of Art University- Academy of Art University has one of the top fashion schools in the nation with the most famous show in the industry. Study fashion design or merchandising and build your career with houses lke Versace, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.

Course - Move your career forward with an accredited online degree!  -  - The best companies thebest jobs. Use to find your next job in the fashion industry. is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet.
AdageTALENT WORKS - Advertising Age: Your Online Source for Marketing and Media News. One of the foremost places to find employees or employers.


New England Journal Of Medicine


Locum Tenens: Lifestyle, Opportunities Attracting More Physicians


July 2009 By Bonnie Darves, a Seattle-based freelance health care writer.


Career Resources Editor’s Note: Surprisingly, more than a third of U.S. physicians worked locum tenens in 2008. Young physicians and those who have the retirement horizon in sight remain prime candidates to find temporary work in geographic and practice setting locations of their choice. Minimal nuclear family commitments, a flexible, independent mindset, and a hands-on approach to evaluating career transition options facilitate and drive successful locums experiences. Locums physicians must also be prepared to maintain meticulous financial records, be responsible for their personal health insurance, and deal emotionally with the initiation and eventual termination of time-limited professional relationships.



National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO): (407) 774-7880;


HCA WEST FLORIDA  Health Care Careers


You can achieve more at HCA West Florida. With 15 hospitals located throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and the greater Orlando area, you’re sure to find the one workplace that does more for you – personally and professionally.

Our team is made up of 15,000 individuals united by one purpose: to make the most of each other’s talents. That means you’ll have the support and the resources you need to pursue your goals. Join us here for a rewarding future that focuses on what matters most to you.



Find Physician, Nurse, Administrative, Medical Technical and other Healthcare Positions at Hospitals in Florida.


Top Ten Best Hospitals (2009)

About SmartBrief
We Read Everything. You Get What Matters.


SmartBrief is a media company on a mission to save you time and keep you smart.

The premise behind SmartBrief is simple: there’s too much information out there and too little time in the day to read it all. Our editors hand-pick the most relevant and important news from all over, summarize it, link to the original sources and deliver it -- for FREE -- in one-stop-shop e-newsletters.


About UN Wire Job Board

Partner: United Nations Foundation
Topic: News covering the UN and the world
Audience: NGO employees, aid workers, international development professionals
Frequency: Daily

Looking for better resumes?  You can count on UN Wire.

Job Posting Details:
Your job listing will be featured in every issue of the UN Wire e-mail newsletter. UN Wire is an effective way to reach top professionals, as 60,000 opt-in subscribers rely on UN Wire to stay informed about essential international news.

Results you can measure:  Every posting includes access to an online activity report that breaks down clicks by the users' company name and job title.

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