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Making a decision on which Dry Cleaner and Launderer to use; be sure to check out our “Testimonials” Page.See what "active" Best Dry Cleaners FL customers have to say, written by their own hand, using their own words. Read “Sandy’s Story”.



Get your FREE, that's NO CHARGE;
Best Dry Cleaners "SALE MOVING KIT for HOME OWNERS / RENTERS". This "KIT" is valued at over $30.00.

Your Free / No Charge,
"SALE MOVING KIT for HOME OWNERS / RENTERS" contains TW0 of Best Dry Cleaners "STREET SIGNS" complete with wire stands, white craft paper, Clear tape and a broad, black permanent marker and two Best Dry Cleaners business cards.

You can easily cover the signs with the white craft paper provided and letter the words "SALE MOVING", an arrow pointing towards your house and your address.

The deal is when your leaving and are ready to lock up your house you need to simply place both signs inside the front door, lock the door and head off to your new home and be happy.

The new folks moving into your house will be thrilled to know where and how to reach the Best Dry Cleaner in their neighborhood.

Be really good guys and tape a Best Dry Cleaners Business Card onto the Fridge if it's staying if it's not staying tape it onto the front of the upper cabinet closest to where the fridge normally resides.

Keep the second card. Once settled into your new home go to and click on "GARMENT CARE" so you can find out how to care for some of your soiled items without having to spend more money at your local laundry or dry cleaners.

This offer is limited to residents of Zip Codes #34229, #34275, #34292, #34293. Proof of residency is required in two forms, one must be a picture ID.

A suitable picture is a Florida drivers license, a Sarasota County Sherrif''s ID card, o other government issued card or an employee ID card or some other item showing current name and address that matches the accepted picture ID.

Best Dry Cleaners reserves the right to terminate this
"SALE MOVING KIT for HOME OWNERS / RENTERS" program at any time for any reason.

Sorry, but Dry Cleaning customers will always be served before "moving folks". Please remember that this is a FREE SERVICE.

We must attend to the paying customers in order to provide this valuable
"SALE MOVING KIT for HOME OWNERS / RENTERS" FREE to you. Thank you for your understanding.

We normally have a large inventory of of supplies to support Best Dry Cleaners
"SALE MOVING KIT for HOME OWNERS / RENTERS" ; however if we come up short at any time on any of the items included in "THE KIT", we reserve the right to either furnish the missing items at a later date or not at all.

Have a safe trip, be healthy, happy and prosperous in your new home. We sincerly hope that we have been of some small help to you during your transitional process.

 Give us a little time and we will come up with more "MOVING OUT" tips for you.

Taken to the cleaners
-- Remember to collect all items that are being cleaned, stored or repaired (for example, dry cleaning, shoes, watches, etc.). Also, remember to return library books, movie rentals and anything else you may have checked out.
Courtesy of:Mayflower "America's most recognized name in moving"

Read the "Your Rights and Responsibilities Manual" to make certain that you fully understand the extent of the carrier's liability.Courtesy of:Mayflower "America's most recognized name in moving"

Move on a weekday if you can, when banks, utilities and government offices are open.
Courtesy of: U-HAUL "Your moving and storage resource".

Order preprinted address labels with your new address as soon as you know it. It makes the change-of-address process much easier. Courtesy of: U-HAUL "Your moving and storage resource".

your address online:United States Postal Service

Clean House. The first rule of moving is get rid of unnecessary clutter. That way, you won’t have to find a place for those rarely used items in your new home. Host a garage sale or donate goods to a local charity. Courtesy of: Lowe's "Let's build something together".
. Give us a little time and we will come up with more "MOVING IN" tips for you.

Keep Smiling! Moving can be manageable with the right attitude and thoughtful preparation. It will all be over soon, and there’s no need to rush unpacking. Throw yourself a housewarming party, and meet your new neighbors. Courtesy of: Lowe's "Let's build something together".

Check and Double Check. Before the moving van leaves, make sure everything is loaded or unloaded. Review your home inventory. If something is damaged during the move, take a photo, and notify your moving company immediately. Courtesy of: Lowe's "Let's build something together".